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formed by Letters Patent and Royal Charter 1985

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The Australian Heraldic Archival Register
To offer advice and assistance to those wishing to adopt arms or heraldic devices expressive of
their pride and interest in their origins; to provide a registry of family history and to prepare
and record family trees;

To promote all aspects of chivalry.

Certificates Available

There are Three types of certificates available

1. A4 sheet on parchmentine approx 210 x 298 mm.

2. A3 sheet on parchmentine approx 298 x 420 mm.

3. Approx. 450 x 690 mm. as shown  in the sample below.

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Further information on this historic and unique world wide College can be obtained by Emailing The Earl Marshall or clicking on the buttons above or below.

Recording of Arms and Other Devices

Many individuals are now domiciled in areas world-wide in which heraldic authorities are either non-existent or ineffective. The A.H.A.R. recognises that they may wish to adopt arms or other devices expressive of their pride and interest in their origins, while others, intending to register arms with one of the surviving heraldic authorities, may wish to have advice as to their being appropriate and technically correct. 

It is accepted that any arms or devices may be displayed simply as decoration or of being of historical interest, but, if such are to be adopted formally to represent a particular individual, family or body, it is essential that they should be appropriate for that purpose, and designed with due respect for heraldic traditions and conventions and consideration for the prior right of others.

Our members will offer advice and assistance to those wishing to adopt them for themselves. Furthermore the A.H.A.R. will record arms and devices so adopted in its general roll of arms, along with those recorded as having been used in the past.

Arms already born by grant, descent or adoption, may also be recorded with the A.H.A.R.

Old Arms will be recorded unaltered only to those in the direct line of descent from the original bearer, or those claiming to be of direct descent. We do not have the means to check all sources and authorities world-wide for arms or titles which may be claimed. For this reason any recording we may make is on the understanding that we accept in good faith the information supplied to us by the applicant, especially that their claim for arms is not an infringement  of another's rights. We accept no responsibility if such an infringement should occur, that is the responsibility of the person making the claim for the recording of the arms or heraldic device.

If arms already exist associated with a family of the name, a sufficiently different version of the arms may be devised and adopted, the degree of difference to depend on the probability or otherwise of an actual family link.

When designing new arms, the basic requirement  is that they should be distinctive, being sufficiently different from any previously in use . Thus arms need not necessarily be symbolic, though many do in fact allude to family history, origins and occupations.

Completely new arms, where possible, will relate to known or surmised origin and meaning for the name, or when an applicant not claiming a connection with known arms whishes to adopt a new and distinctive device.

New arms, where possible, will relate to known or surmised origin and meaning of the name, and if desired may include additional elements illustrating the applicant's personal family  or family history or interests.

Mottoes will normally be in English or Latin.

Applicants will be informed of the origin and reasoning behind any design suggested, and in particular the source of evidence of actual use will be stated if known to the A.H.A.R.

A number of families and family associations have adopted devices of a quasi-heraldic character, not in the form of actual coats of arms, and these too may be recorded, as may any type of badge, banner, tartan or other distinctive device.

When arms or a device are recorded by the A.H.A.R. a certificate will be issued to that effect, in English. Alternatively, if desired, a full colour representation, with or without accompanying hand-lettered text, will be supplied for an appropriate fee.

We invite you to petition our beloved Chief Herald for a grant.


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Postal InformationPO Box 628, Sorell, Tasmania, 7172.

Phone: 61 3 62651007         Fax:  61 3 62651007         Web:  www.grandduchy.org