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established 1725

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The International College of Arms of the Noblesse

Arms are the criterion of nobility. Whoever has a legally registered achievement of arms is a nobleman and may apply to this International College for a grant of arms, or recording or registration of those arms or heraldic devices.

This will give the armiger International recognition and acceptance by the worldwide College of Nobles .

We invite you to petition our beloved Earl marshall.

Certificates Available

There are Three types of certificates available

1. A4 sheet on parchmentine approx 210 x 298 mm.

2. A3 sheet on parchmentine approx 298 x 420 mm.

3. Approx. 450 x 690 mm. as shown  in the sample below.

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Further information on this historic and unique world wide College can be obtained by Emailing The Earl Marshall or clicking on the buttons above or below.


The origin of heraldry cannot be traced with certainty, yet it is clear that the adoption of tribal, national, civic and personal badges began in prehistoric times. Heraldry is part of our heritage. We still hanker after the pageantry of armour, fluttering pennons, gentle knights and shields charged with armorial bearings.

Heraldry is recognition of one's particularity. The herald is the consciousness, the breath; the blason is life; the arms are the symbols of one's own ambience. The emblem dictates the chosen line of moral conduct. Thus the herald helps man to know his true self.

Any individual who distinguishes himself may be said to ennoble himself. A Prince, judging an individual worthy of notice, gave him Letters Patent of nobility. In these letters were emblazoned the arms that were to distinguish his shield. By this shield he was to be known or ennobled. Hence arms are the criterion of nobility. Whoever has a shield of arms is a nobleman and may apply to the International College of Arms, for a recording or registration of those arms or heraldic devices. Importantly, this will give them International   registration and acceptance as a noble by this College of the noblesse.

The scholar values it for its historical and antiquarian interest; the artist and architect for its decorative qualities; the man of ancient family for the tradition it enshrines; the new made armiger (an esquire or any person possessing heraldic arms) for the attainment it represents.

It is a matter of natural sentiment for a man to use that which his father had worthily borne and perhaps made famous. Often the shield alone, with its distinctive device, appeared on the seal which man used in his civil transactions; in effect, his heraldic shield became his signature. This is shown in various deed laws. Apart from sentiment, therefore, it is a matter of practical convenience for a son or daughter, on inheriting his or her responsibilities, to continue to use the seal-device which people had learned to associate with his or her forebears.

Old arms will be recorded unaltered only to those in the direct line of descent from the original bearer, or those claiming to be of direct descent. We do not have the means to check all sources and authorities world-wide for arms or titles which may be claimed. For this reason any recording we make, is on the understanding that we accept in good faith the information supplied to us by the applicant, especially that his claim for arms is not an infringement of another's rights. We accept no responsibility if such an infringement should occur, that is the responsibility of the person making the claim for the recording of the arms or the heraldic device.

The Members of the International College of Arms of the Noblesse therefore invite you to petition our most beloved and worthy Earl Marshall for a grant or registration of your arms or heraldic devices with our International college.


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